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Our friends from Funhaus stopped by for an epic round of try not to laugh! Do they have what it takes to survive the yellow stool of laughs?! Let’s find out!

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hi I'm Big Bird and this is an alternate universe where I was in the Challenger disaster welcome to another try not to laugh today we're joined by some very special people we got fun house in the house Bruce and Elise in the hot seat we also got a lot of James in the back to possibly fill in for some surprise stuff but there's just too many gosh dang people on there too many so many of these in there here they're rooting the ruining a song so you guys know the face of girls you have a 30 seconds making person in the store laughing a bunch of water them out there and turn out the lab they loudly spit water everywhere oh no gets messy and if you guys have to hit the bell button yet hit the bell guys why don't you start how do you feel about weapons like them don't like orphans I've killed a few in Skyrim okay oh nice to meet you I'm gonna talk about it I'm gonna say oh but your name why would you show me on the doll wearing enough much really the Cooper says you can't touch them over here names steer devil detective daredevil the bills looks like mr. Frederick is one pen away from winning the monkey ball that's monkey ball for you huggy ball so I've never seen a grown man with a white dog god damn at this point I slow leave this bit I really want to see it alright are you ready Oh Courtney are you ready okay cuz I'm coming see you friend home he was crying all night you know how hard it is for me to take care of everything his house by myself one banana so the scene is I am 40 we're in a restaurant and I am a 45 year old man sitting with my significant other Bruce's is also one of the patrons of the restaurant we don't know each other oh and there's there's a black couple in the in the restaurant I tell you what black panther was so good yeah you know what when Martin Luther King said I had a dream wow-wow Tuskegee Airmen Oh give it a second give it a second splatoon all right get them young down ready ocean master oh no that's a cover in song the $30 on the counter thank you so much for coming over this evening and helping me through my room and I know I know you drank my mic my gamer girl bathwater give it back spit out my gamer girl bathwater or face Azeroth I told you about the call of psychic hotlines romance is not even your feature Tito we were just an episode of hot ones and they tried to do the last dab and I just love the idea of Sean Evans face just as a pepper no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I'm rockin I might be a sex offender JFC kicks for children holy smokes look at me we have too much chicken stuff hey what's up it's me Jesus you gotta talk no don't don't stop the water say that I'll make into wine either but like let's talk to my dad and you say we can't be like what stuff anymore so like everyone keeps like eating ass and my doom like but my dad doesn't know was that I I'm cool about it but like that doesn't like it right that dad sucks man my feet are stuck to the floor wouldn't you know it but I still really want to play some tunes good thing I brought my trusty dusty hands play no copy written music the movie is home alone for these robbers let me have this come and give me tweet some control piss on the free bag I must open front here are you doing hey mr. bones they got a bone to pick with this head off hey miss mr. bones what's going on my wish you know I love skeleton humor okay yo what's up gamers all right who's ready to get in shape all right let's get our power bands ready cuz it's time for fortnight fitness and floss floss and floss and floss and here we go and here we go and here we go in here we come and dab and tap and down and dab and here we go and here we go here we go here we go it it never ends it this is forever you're in hell is this welcome to hell here's VidCon this is VidCon this is longer but is now and again and again and my wife left me and this is love doing this I'm doing this this is forever it's what we all want to happen Wow here we are on the Mayflower just a couple months until we get to our destination hey how about a song to pass the time well we're heading to the new world we're going across the sea we're gonna meet the natives there I bet they're gonna be really cool we're all gonna be best friends there's no way that this country will be disappointing ever we're never gonna hurt anyone we're never gonna take advantage of any people I bet we're gonna all be best friends forever I knew I honey I knew I had to go dark humor with you hi and this is an alternate universe where I was in the Challenger disaster I no longer feel bad oh man Oh Harry I'm on my lunch break back here at Smosh well this brat I can't eat this bread Oh hold up you know be really good for this bread some cool clip oh my god oh my god oh my god no no no no no no no no no no no open jars assemblé I keep my Christmas tree centered with my head howdy I'm from the south I just want to say I'm from the south and I've been trying real hard not to do my usual Australian accent so I'd appreciate the same courtesy it's me the original young Indiana Jones where I hit minorities and hit women oh no not you I'm sympathetic to their chorus wow you guys brought out the big guns and bye big guns I mean we're gonna get to monetize god the coats - what okay dad the coats - what okay God again oh yes mrs. Batman hello Batman this is mr. Wayne prognosis I've got AIDS it's time for the gender reveal and close-ups for a dollar it's very change look I'm a vet Agent Orange was really crazy on me man they did experiments can't get a job oh man one of my skulls fell out again well gosh dang it that was a good time Thank You funhouse for showing up and and you know being funny ones we need to help sometimes so appreciate that if you guys aren't subscribe to funhouse at YouTube do it yep and I need that button do that and I'll see you next time we should have done the thing where you drink water and I spit it out like you boy that episode sure was the funnest house ever hey click this video over here to watch us watch ourselves in slow motion and click over here for a special video just for you
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