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Idris Elba is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, with an extraordinary career in film and television that spans more than 20 years and includes cult classics like The Wire. He's a renaissance man, a DJ, and the creator of his own fashion line, Two Hour Set. And now, you can catch him starring alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Hobbs & Shaw. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as "the hottest Hot One" takes on the wings of death and discusses everything from UK hip-hop legends, to Cockney rhyming slang, to the biggest slapper in Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats." You don't want to miss this one!




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Season 9
Episode 10

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let me ask you a question ah whose idea was this show so you see that guy right there in the blue shirt yeah his name - Chris what's in it Chris right can you fight Chris hey what's going on everybody for first we feast I'm Sean Evans and you're watching hot ones it's the show with hot questions and even had her wings and today we're joined by Idris Elba is one of Hollywood's biggest stars with an extraordinary career in film and television that spans more than 20 years a Renaissance man a DJ Andy has his own fashion line to our set you can also catch him starring alongside Dwayne Johnson and Hobbes and Shaw which is set to theaters on August 2nd Idris although welcome to the show thank you so much man you forgot rapper also a rapper you didn't know well we'll get to that here in just a sec wait we don't have to but it just I know that you enjoy a side of hot sauce with your eggs and steak in Lemoore I actually do yes how do you think you'll fare today against the wings ah it sound pretty confident I'm pretty confident in his wife because I fear no one all right cool it's pretty decent all right look you know my mom west-african cooks with real spices and everything I was just four years old so you know I mean you have a good foundation there I have a good foundation yeah yeah so I want to start by mentioning Hobbs and Shawn specifically your interesting cars which I know goes much deeper than just the Fast & Furious franchise and in the film you drive this motorcycle that can do a little bit of everything are you into the cutting edge technology and gadgets that are showing up in cars these days are you more of an old-school Motorhead man I sort of I'm course you know in between the two cuz I really really like a chill head I like the smell of old leather I love the smell you know gasoline go into the thing but what's happening with the innovation of cars and technology is incredible I mean we are becoming one with our cars you know you can open your car with your phone you can turn your AC on before you get any of the engine the bike is you remember like Knight Rider right a bit like kit and old David happen so it has like an extension of you you saw that right and David Hasselhoff had a decent leather jacket I went for that look as well so as a lifelong hip hop obsessive where did recording the intro to jay-z's American Gangster rank in terms of your career accomplishments um it's up there in top five really wrote oh yeah because um I have always had this hybrid dream of being an actor and a musician and that my music of my films lived together in one way of one world and here I was in an American Gangster and I'm making this film with Denzel it was a moment in my life and then I hear from Ridley Scott himself jay-z's gonna do an album why I gotta be on that album I said in my brain not to Ridley but to myself I'm gonna be on the album and so the next thing you know I'm sending jay-z this poem I rip my retinas poem this sonnet I worked with a good friend of mine an angel and she and I have pulled together this poem report this beat together from a boy Chris flame and we went in send it to jay-z like this this hope he likes it when you sent me an email back back saying I don't like it I fucking love it it's gonna be on the intro of American Gangster and that was the beginning of the dream bro that was the beginning like you know dream big it can happen for you and then I'm the topic of rap music hot ones creator Chris Schoenberger he's obsessed with that Kino song road man's him which actually references you cuz I think you guys are from the same neighborhood Charlotte okay no he's he's a legend in in UK hip-hop scene a big uptick in oh yeah so for our viewers who are maybe not familiar with British hip-hop can you give us your top 5 Dead or Alive UK Edition okay I'm gonna say no particular order demon boys which some of you would not know but I was one of the first rap groups that I fell in love of in England I'm gonna put black twang on there I'm gonna put the London posse on there I'm gonna have to put storm Z on there I have to put dizzy on there I'm gonna have to put gigs on there I mean I know that six and I can count but it's just you know in terms of UK hip hop right we have to remember is that for a long time we emulated them at America we emulated them we even wrapped in American accents just because we 40 was cool LA and we didn't think our music would be accepted and now we don't even listen to my own rap music as much you know we have our own labels we have our own stars and it feels very good very healthy was it light with no heavy man what was he doing what's all you sweat so in 2017 you released a documentary that followed your year-long journey training for eventually competing and winning your kickboxing professional debut and maybe this sounds like a bizarre question but when you knock someone out the water slurp huh it's a technique sucka talk about engines like a cooling technique Oh got slep it in an IRA to them innovative when you knock someone out is it just a pure thrill of victory feeling or is there a part of you that's like concerned for the other person that's a great question because in my training the concern lives inspiring when you hit something really hard inspiring your concern for them you know because they're concerned for you they're letting you know when they hit you that I got you keep your arm up keep your ribs covered or whatever but when you're in a fight situation and I did not notice I've never been a professional fire into that moment there is no concern for each other he came out to take my head off and he felt I was 43 at the time like this guy was way younger than me he was gonna beat me but wasn't having that so there's no room for concern is the short answer you just have to go in there and it's like man against man you know Dwayne Johnson gives you one free shot where and how do you hit him if I had to hit Dwayne one time and and no disrespect Wayne I love you pal but I'm going for your neck Yeah right in there bro because like you know I just at least if you get up from it you be winded and I would have reached halfway down the block by that sound shortly I'm going for the neck okay very strategic all right you're ready to move on a four lucky dog year of the dog oh yeah well I have to tell you I expected some real competition and these homes will remember we'll remember it just say this last time I was in London was in 2017 and I got a crash course in British slang from Charlie slots so here I'm hoping you can take me to finishing school but first things first okay can you explain what cockney rhyming slang is they come from your neck of the woods so company rhyming slang I have to give you a brief history in in in London history the cockneys are a community there are people you might have seen them they have these amazing pearl laced jackets there you know parade those are the companies and you can only be a cockney if you were born within the three-mile radius of a church called the bow church and it was called the bow bells because when the church rang you could hear the bells for three miles if it was outside of the three miles you could not be a cockney but if you could hear the bells of in the throughout it is you are technically a cockney now cockney rhyming slang was almost like code speak you know like you ever been to jail no meaning but irrelevant in jail they would say you know possibly the bloody blah to mean the bloody blood right and cockney rhyming slang did a similar sort of thing is kind of like you know I'm gonna go to the apples and pears and that would rhyme with stairs so you're going up the apples and pears stairs so you want to say to your boy I'm gonna be meet me at the apples and pears you don't want anyone else to know yes that's what that's what cockney rhyming slang is what is a crap when someone says a crap what's a crap a crap is the sneakers in a so shoes like you know you've got your crepes is that I don't know where it comes from I think it might be French derivative but it's your crap in it it's like yeah what do they mean when they say Bob's your uncle cuz I'm always like my uncle Steve I got another one name bro it's a confirmation that you're going down the right you know saying this like you know go down the road make a left you see the shop on your right Bob's your uncle it's there and it means it just means confirmation you're there what would you want idris elba to mean in cockney rhyming slang be more like I like that hey you know what I'm gonna do me LD Giselle what's it like no study on today mm-hmm no solos Carly on China you can Caliente no mass that's pretty good that's terrible that's well done all right so every Korean segment on our show called explain that grammar we do a deep dive under guess Instagram cool interesting pictures that need more context don't do that so I'll bust out the laptop I'll show you the picture and you just tell me the bigger story does that sound good really that's going down he's gonna dump all right I'm sweating over here though first things first here you are Tyrion we hey Arsenal legend who's your favorite gunner of all time favorite guna of all time has to be Ian right Ian right I love you tre you're my guy but Ian's right it was alleged you know he's uh he's from my neck of the woods just seeing him step into the awesome shirt killer as one of the greatest strikers asked was ever seen was like there is hope for all of us so yeah we got to Eni all right here you are getting a fit off what did his royal Birthday Ball in 2004 is that...
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