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    right and that's why we're the 40% GDP per capita rate you're gonna want to go who's who's your daddy friend Oh Maddie she's my really good friend he's helping me invest in my business portfolio hi nice to meet you iced tea feisty girl welcome you Brainiac all right well I was great meeting you um see you later buddy so who is that Daddy that was here earlier Maddie I see one of my really good friends he's such a nice guy my deal is I love my friends but I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and get some good influence in my life and grow up you guys are so different I'm sure you got some balance each other out do you think you could hook us up I mean he's single I can talk to him so hey Maddy are you seeing anybody dating anybody I know I'm not but I'm open to be dating somebody if the right girl came around well I think I have the perfect person for you do you give me some details who is it oh it's my friend Hanna you met her last time remember yes yeah she's so classy you know what she did seem really classy didn't she I'm gonna put you guys in a group chat and you better text her back that's gonna be what she's up to you right now Maddie's got a date what was that it was just my colleagues ready yeah let's go this goes out to Matt and his sophisticated new girlfriend Thank You Jared for coming through tonight really appreciate it Wow and so that's when I got my second PhD from Harvard Medical School Oh what is that um are they okay yeah yeah no that that's um just my colleagues Hannah this was literally a perfect day I honestly I think I'm in love with you oh my god I was thinking I'm thinking the same thing I was almost afraid to say it I'm wow that's awesome Oh see you I'll see you next Saturday at 7:00 yes sounds good we can go and take a walk around the Getty Museum and and so then my friend released the album and he ended up winning a Pulitzer Prize for it which is crazy because it's you know for music and the Pulitzer Prizes are for books so revolutionary your friends are so talented how come I never hear about your friends oh you don't need to they're really chill yeah I know I'd love to meet him sometime you don't need to yep well I think I should door we've been dating a while I don't think you need to yeah no yeah I should meet them no I'm gonna go meet your friends I'm going right now to meet your friends our relationship I want to introduce you to my new boyfriend Matt please be nice hi how's it going hey what's up buddy oh okay that was a toenail it's disgusting what's that thing around your neck man Hanna I'm very upset right now but you didn't tell me that your friends are freaking awesome I was like I was like why does she not have seen that what is with me and then and now I'm like totally wicked dully this is dope like this is awesome yeah who's got a lighter who's gotta like Oh baby check this out here we go
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