Millionaire Spends $100,000 Dollars on Shoe Shopping Spree!!!

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    Millionaire Prettyboyfredo goes Sneaker Shopping and Hypebeast Streetwear Shopping at sneaker store CoolKicks in Los Angeles and go on a crazy $1000,000 shopping spree for the rarest and most expensive sneakers and streetwear clothing items. Buying off-white, supreme, jordans, bape, nike, adidas and more!

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    six five five Sontag what you have for instance is sound five six to one of your biggest purchases this is the biggest purchase second biggest is left 35 go big or go home right try new today my god spending the hind advance today uh wait I'll spin oh thanks today bro bro we are blessed all right spending a hundred thousand dollars and I'm keeping it raw no way I'm doing it all the way that's just what I want to do you're gonna give my wake up I can do whatever I want to do this is what I want to do today God is putting us in the position to influence these young people to do great things all right I want to just spend my money and flex and do all this corneas catbag and I'm gonna do i'ma spin this get money and I'm gonna give this all back to the that helped me get here today you gotta give a hundred thousand a honey-bag can I get some thousands let's go get it so we mln right now you don't say we own Melrose about to go to one of the best cakes spots in l.a I'm pulling up right now okay right here on Melrose check them out thank you madam and this is the owner right here of cool kit you see paint packing they calling patio nighty two blocks away it's basically what everybody close no no no he talkin too much money needles have one quick question I'm trying to go crazy it's your living they say west of Linden ain't no limit Gus ain't no limit put that behind sixty minutes yo we better open in sixty five minutes you got 60 minutes to whatever you want whatever I want don't close the door all right so first things first oh you mean Nordic oh man his soul I feel like a kid in the candy store do you think I should start yeah all three of these and then one for you yeah hey look I'm trying to hook even mine up right now everybody for me I got some crazy from you I know you mention Florida right Orlando Orlando baby come on that same size size 9 come on hands and I weigh her over how much did you spend on how much is this wait hold on grabbing and don't even know my budget say you had a plan I got a rest off water roughs up but when it came with our basil is I'm gonna be honest on one side a from a man and this size nine for you it's gonna be three thousand for the eight and 28 for the nine the other ending would be one thousand size 9 and the black would be the same one thousand size nine you know it's crazy I really thought it would be almost like really hard to scream - honey can distort very easier you know we dim they're up to what what is that at least like hey the 29 12300 right now just for these five right here wait what about his did you get his I did I did got the size was a size 18 you know go on we got 12 minutes already imma Jordan one fan so there's two good Jordan one off waste them yeah and I think it might actually be dishonest you know these never even came out in America these yeah there's your size deep right here he's nasty honestly in my opinion this is probably one of my favorite one the simplicity of it you know just the white is it's a spa you literally could wear these whatever denim boys are you have a brand new for 200 I want a power for me and I want a powerful my man's alright yeah alright I got the opportunity you don't think you should show me you're in this family man I already know that we keep going I have a pair of these at home but you know what they call me Fredo two times right I want or D I'll also come down here I see you got you know a really nice collection here there's a size-12 for nine hundred Bruno do you have a size nine Denise I got the great ones dude definitely will like the black pairs one and a half one hat 1414 let me get these nine and a half the gray ones you want do you want a pair I'd take it drop another $50 for uses y'all buying a lot do we get a good businessman right there speaking of money so I'm gonna go ahead and finish off this case I'm in love with off wives I not have to hold my little that fact just give me one of everything in his damn case one of everything one of everything one of everything I said it bro one of every bank literally 1,000 twenty two hundred seventeen hundred twenty-five hundred oh my knee yo Fredo Fredo you guys stop breath you guys stop oh my god forty one thousand one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen shoes come up to $40,000 it's a ghetto pocket I'll place a hold on one of my favorite style of shoes y'all know go crazy with them up the revenge storms you know I'm saying I have yet to see these things in person with the bandana look now I usually rock forces on a daily basis but if I'm not rocking forces than our rock revenge stories are fire how much for these right here man why these two I like it yeah these are these are different right here velcro strap color is different yeah hey buddy oh he can't get in oh oh sorry man clothes right now oh we got 30 minutes so we got to hurry up and so I'm gonna take deeds you like those I don't know those ones Anasazi like 300 300 yeah bet let's get well y'all know I have a daughter I love to splurge on my daughter make sure that she has everything if not more than what I have you know that's all a part of being a great father what do you got for the kids we have some off-white caller sizes but they sold output hell yeah this might be it right here how much for the user to 20 to 21 how much spit imagine is set for the father or the father will be 450 to 500 I'm a big fan of Chi yang I'm a big fan you know just creating a wave in just doing your own this man has been a mastermind at this damn shoe gang right right straight here who have somebody is already inside yeah yeah yeah it's 9 X 2 bands RocketBallz yeah honestly like this is crazy looking at this collection right here so far this is $40,000 how much dollars worth of shoes what are you sure you don't understand no I don't want to stop yeah go nuts my guys I think that I've gotten just about every shoe that I actually want this month all right here bought the holster how much did I spend so far 8k so far hang on a line just a ball ball every shoe on boy I'm gonna be able to gauge how much oh my god come on come on three minutes three minutes on the clock yes keep going keep going keep going on supposed to go on pretty much don't go don't go one minute I don't bought everything there's nothing left no 30 more seconds 30 more seconds widow oh my god 7005 gosh wait a bit kind of get more real oh my gosh this is the craziest shopping spree I've ever been on I don't think I could have spent on a cane Here I am I gonna lie so look at what it's how is looking a lot of this six five five Sontag would you have original sound five six - I'll give you a five thousand our discount yes sixty two thousand six fifty five accountants is high and you paying with platinum right I try to plug out anyway what are your biggest purchases this is the biggest purchase I've been a second biggest is left 35 go big or go home right show me all the love open in the store you got people waiting outside it's like I appreciate it man all I need is help give this back so don't worry I got a FedEx account with a business so what we're gonna do is I have our shipping team pack this up for you and ship it to Atlanta for you hey look if y'all want some of these shoes because I ain't greedy I can't have all this to myself all you need to do is follow cool kicks on Instagram you know what I hate that name cool kicks la my personalized shaping packing you want to get a chance to win any of these off weights you know what to do I load my man's we want to change the way I all you got to do is follow subscribe hit that thumbs up button you know I'm saying we don't give back you know what we play now the people out there we gonna head out
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