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    The Smosh Pit squad is back with another epic Try Not To Laugh challenge! You're welcome!




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    it's your friendly neighborhood comedy gang mates our friendly neighborhood Smosh peeps hello guess what we're back in the know try not to left and we're gonna try that to left and we got 30 seconds so we got water right now so we're gonna try not to laugh so let's try that - laughs all right let's go booyah go first she's in the sea let's do it all right okay show you this thing about me I really hope you don't see me any differently because this is who I am now I'll be there for you touch me oh I haven't felt a wooden touch in a while mangos in case I brought my daughter you won't even know what a bitch so I did and it turns out that I'm actually related to a king so 700 I just realized I wouldn't have signed up for this bumpy duties I got your money I want to pick a favorite right oh you do legally you have to yes I feel bad it was something about the ready for this great joke cuz if you if you're not prepared it's a heart-stopper okay why did the chicken cross the road Thanks get out of here the books ladies I need mouthwash all right and now for the most dangerous magic trick that I've ever performed and that's it a nose up and it's still a believable and presto you don't think Michael Jackson did it I owe you I don't want no problems look like if y'all want problems I got them I got here as quickly as I could we can't keep meeting like this the world think you become the icon making YouTube is left by the millions me a monk a sexy sexy monk once it came out milk comes on these you want you get it you got it good job everyone but if I get to choose I'm gonna choose Courtney wait for your favorite aunt for us I say that all right so I'm just gonna go that's cool you can wait all right see that's the problem I got right now oh really not in drive slot they drive all the time you see I stand like this I can drive with one hand I can drive with two I can drive behind my back I can drive on my butt not sound like this it's just like a bulb old pal and then like right here I can drive all y'all nice Ike's / I said he was holding five and seven buzzer is that actually a thing Oh ten - well now they say 12 and three but you were holding five and seven see this is the thing y'all actually don't know how to drive so she just taught me some like important information ha how are you doing today don't answer because who da ha Gouda cheese my favorite Rihanna song hey guys so obviously Shane is not here today but it wouldn't be a try not to laugh if we didn't do some of this like special techniques the audience would riot so I was with this girl the other night things were getting hot and heavy and then you know what we did we and then no we did are you you know I got a Groupon and I gotta say Honolulu is not for real though I've only got two nights in a motel 6 and I'm here for 11 days okay did you off it everybody yeah what do you expect that little bitch what's up its your girl the easy target because she's so off-key the technology won't be able to go what's that foggy I like to uh find phone call people I'm playing phone card at stake shop well Little Caesars steaks are popping up your name oh do you socialize the sex in what success success success uh uh yeah what yeah Kate order man yeah can I get get a quarter pounder success in love oh yeah my name is Marty Bart I'm 11 years old and I'm about to set the world record for most paddle ball hits in a row Wow in a coma okay he lied did I do it I think you did it first comic-con huh yeah I remember when I was just like you oh you know what I got a little something for you special edition now you're one of us it's kicking it's a little tricky in there to infinity and beyond am i right haters hey belly so soft thank you i monster eyes just right here oh hi my name is grenadine and I'm gonna teach you how to clap back when bait when the haters get you you go like this you can you do not own here you cannot offend me ring-ring oh hey what's up yeah it's me Damian from five minutes in the future uh-huh yeah I have a dumb boy idiot yeah yeah no way do you have any recommendations on shea butter or the belly shea butter yeah okay I don't like that you pushed out your stomach while you did that doctor there's something wrong with my buttock I'm so embarrassed embarrassed oh my god I just you better like now for your viewing pleasure and comedic enjoyment it's not show attempt ten push-ups I'm getting real hot you think you could cool me off mm-hmm you got me brothers must get ready for battle the fight the battle Disney and oh here he comes oh man horn bitch comic it oh I have it backwards I love you straight up all got non-plan that's why I waited to the end hmm okay so month a my problem right now is that I'm not wet enough okay so I'm I'm gonna wet myself okay no no no what I'm gonna get wet no what's a good way so this is like the sexiest thing you've ever seen me my dad bots coming in but I'm getting hot you know what I want you to laugh because I'm putting it on my hair hi my name is crazy bitch and you're watching Disney Channel ladies and gentlemen a very special st. Patrick's Day comedy sad I wish I were dead this is my puppet every day is agony we get colder and colder that's does the entropy of the universe until one day we reach a dilute zero and always submit to the void Irish I were drunk Caitlin if you're watching I don't miss you too dark Wow no I just would almost got me was the fact that this show would have been televised hey this is crazy still don't work yeah man like I'm so excited I got tonight it's just like it's such a good time with the ladies like oh I know I know dude like just it's just like yeah it's it's like you know we're gonna go out gonna get so lit and it's just gonna be it's gonna be tight man it's gonna be okay just yeah no no no totally like hey hold on man you're like a music video I just needed two more minutes of me trying to find them I'm given Brad you want huh you ever give him bread while driving a Prius they call that pre like dropping give you so much bread that ones have now he's dying that was a lot of fun corny honestly I was expecting a Prius pun and for it never to come to too much that was too much for me I don't know face down I was like we'll be back for more another time and if you have any ideas for Liz know down below we love you so much and bye thanks y'all oh my gosh what a video that was if you want to watch another video we have this one right here on the left we want to click that box or if you want to watch our try not to laugh playlist taste all the num-nums hit that box on the right I watched them all myself they're really good I promise
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