Stealing $60,000 from David while he's sleeping

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    I attempt to take back the $60,000 that was rightfully MINE lol get me da gold baby!!!
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    okay so they locked us in this escape room and I and I are gonna try to get out of here okay oh there it is the difference between the fruit over there I was right that's not enough ladders what's another word for rats boil no DK molta molta is what is that that's a kid okay begun a knob no no no flip the page this is valid on there it is born me this is born me alive Oh burn meal that of course I have something to do with what we need to find me alive so it goes like ten holes oh wait dee dee code from left to right here trying to figure out that piece right there you got candles we got that oh wait I'll show you strange while this picture you have to match this now starting up just like that I'm sweating dog there it is oh my look at all these goodies huh oh goodness oh I know oh I got it was sleep like I said nothing twice okay it's opened it it's open tears one month why is the baby crying it doesn't need a diaper change is that why this symbol this symbol this symbol and this symbol is what we need so Trident left Trident right it's to go zero six we need to figure this is all there you go look North is that triangle with the yeah okay so there it is we need to figure out the symbols but we don't know the symbols at all we got a minute 56 on the right track but two of those pegs are in the wrong shape it's the wrong way turn all the way around okay so guys erin has picked her date for her wedding my costly player wedding in my head which is really weird I just feel like we're all gonna just cry because I haven't been to a wedding with someone that's close to me really the last one was my mom I know I was I mean I was five years old now this course so I think I should be your ring bearer really demoting years yeah I can't get down the aisle though because it's so far maybe I can wear look at - - do you like that for you but you're gonna play more major role you're gonna be one of my bridesmaids you're really telling him right now are you serious yeah you're gonna stand up there with me watch the dress I just have all the guys and dresses and all the girls and talks I'm sure that's the flower that's ten times better than the ring bearer at four different outfits it's my day I'm so excited for you and I know it's hitting such a good time and the day is for 2020 of course it's gonna be David's 25 I would probably pay for it too just so I could do what are the let everyone film regardless just cuz obviously it works in my favor - I'll be too busy just staring at you and call you put a baby in I want to go to like Italy and Greece oh that's too much my baby she wants to do a honeymoon we're staying right in sir yes sir why don't you guys do the underwater hotel does that exist are those fake pictures that I see on Twitter they have like underwater hotels where you get to like Seeley under the ocean just crashed into anyway I don't know how they build that I feel like they they pretty much get that infrastructure they pin that together however they do and they suck at the water and they dry out the holes talking in the build I just imagine a code right in an underwater hotel it's a leak and when there's a leak on a scuba wedding-cake it's five dollars per person why sane that's like if you were to post me I was just bring up and if I did bring an outside cake and they would charge me 250 dollar but venue charges you five dollars a plate okay because everything is per person so like dinner is per person it's like $50 a half that makes no sense the bar alone is $11,000 dad I'm not I'm not surprised number you were gonna me up and they're like it might be too late really save it's 11 o'clock now I just don't get to bring anyone like Matt you just married I know I just want someone to hold Navitus guy has wisdom teeth taken out which means he's under a lot of drugs what is it they gave him like nitrous and he hasn't taken his pain meds yet no you see that sounds like he's gonna be out for a long time and probably doesn't really understand what's going on at the moment so I recently had a paid David back $60,000 earlier this year I know he has that money still in his room so maybe we can try to retrieve that back who's the drunk idiot no problem baby you need all the rest you can get no I'm good I'm good I have some stuff to do okay just creating a little fort for you there you want your wife to give you a goodnight kiss isn't generally coming with his medicine yeah this will take the edge off we're a little just filming our video like facing the nightguard and we had like put him in bed and everything now they need to ask you a question so I figured it'd be a really great time for me to get my sixty thousand dollars back that he has in his room you know where you'd put something like that perfect okay all right thank you okay okay yeah I'll make sure to tell him that I only care about David's health okay sorry Davey I have a house to build I need my $60,000 David's all messed up on drugs so I decided to steal back my $60,000 you know what this might be a solid 2 grand I mean I need to do some more work in there maybe I just go around I could just find some work in his drawers and Cartier rings yeah I just saw that him and call his banker yes why are the money right here at home maybe 60 grand was yours at one point yeah if I showed them proof that I gave somebody $60,000 say hey this a company gave it to it was a mistake I didn't realize until six months later could work that could work it sounds great yeah other thing we could do is sell his organ all right well thank you Jason you're welcome ray awesome Mexico baby
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