Ok, let's talk about this NEW Nintendo Switch Lite.

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    Nintendo Switch Lite, or Nintendo Switch Mini, has been a rumor, a leak, for MONTHS. But, September 20th the SWITCH LITE IS REAL! So let's talk about the New Nintendo Switch, it's pros and cons, the negativity, the love and HOW I FEEL! LET'S GO! SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THAT BELL! #nintendoswitchlite #switchlite #nintendoswitch

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    ha Nintendo's trending on Twitter I wonder what that could be about kind of big switch news maybe you're all born gosh that is insane what Donkey Kong 3 and wrecking crew on the way to Dan tender online that is huge what a massive get the Nintendo I'm expecting switch sales to skyrocket with that kind of NES online goodness well it'll be fair it's really not that coal at all I'm not sure why that of all things got them tender trending ontwitter unless it's not actually that it is something else crazy like a new switch model or something now I'm not going to say I told you sir although I definitely could say it you know what I'm gonna say I told you sir excuse me so I woke up pretty early to the news that uh yeah we're getting a new switch model it's a switch mini or a switch light I know y'all got really sick of me making videos about it I've been making videos about new switch revisions for like it seems like two years at this point it started with a switch Pro obviously pretty quickly went to a switch mini and we've pretty much officially unofficially knowing that we're getting a miniature version of the switch sometime this year before Christmas not only because of places like wall street journal' who apparently had a lot of people on the inside in regards to new switch models and i think it's safe to say it also gives legitimacy to the pro model but we talked about all of that in videos as well as a bunch of other rumors and things that pointed towards a mini and then since my last video on this subject there's been a ton more evidence that has come and gone and i didn't talk about it because i said in my last video about the mini I would not make another video about this freaking rumor and so Nintendo themselves came along and said here's the can thing is when we're releasing it and here's the price for it but I bit my tongue and here we are the thing is coming September 20th we have a price point of $200 and I want to talk about the freaking thing not only because I am obviously excited but I want to highlight all of its features and the things that it has and the things that are lacking and lusser I want to talk about all the freaking negativity like and all of y'all just zip it and be happy for once no one is ever happy anymore like no company can do anything anymore without people being mad about it it doesn't matter how cool the thing is there's always gonna be that group of people that just want to crap on it and I do want to talk about that because I think a lot of switch owners are very naively just looking at this thing and being like I don't need this this is garbage why isn't in tender doing this take this away and in tender I already have a switch yeah that's cool for you you already have a switch so you don't need to go out and buy another one that's lacking features that yours has good doy that's obvious but there are loads of people out there without a switch and now they're ironed down there's $200 switch model which is much more affordable to them maybe they still have their 3ds and they're looking to upgrade from that and they don't want to play games on their TV maybe they they have a freaking CR TV from the 80s and they just want to play handheld portable games for a couple hundred bucks and motion controllers annoy them well this is perfect I have more ramblings of this nature so I'm just gonna shut up and now kick off into it the star win I want to say that the announcement was a little underwhelming and it's not in any way Nintendo sport it's just again we've been talking about this for like two years there's been so many leaks of this thing and one of them ended up being correct a lake that we saw months ago at this point what's the actual switch light model and nobody took it seriously because there were so many different lakes people making 3d mock-up prints of this switch thing just to get clicks on their website blogs or whatever it was hard to actually pinpoint which one could be the one but this one to me the real leak it always did look like a very real possibility because throw the switch mini room is a ton of us creators obviously made our videos about what we would actually one for my mini or we would expect for me switch mini and I guess we should probably start calling it a switch light at this point but I still prefer the name switch mini to be honest but anyway what we expected and wanted from a switch light and this is essentially is a switch unit that's just one unit kind of like a 3ds but more like a Vita you didn't have the removable joi cons because if you're making a smaller switch you can't really change the size of the joi cons and even at that point they're not really gonna work or cooperate with anything other than the mini itself so it just made a lot more sense to streamline it and bing-bang-boom throw it into one unit that's what we expected some of the things we wanted was hey if you're doing this at least give it a better battery life and apparently they've done that to an extra twenty to thirty percent battery life on your games as you would expect since it's not having to power as much with all the features that have been removed but bet they listened and it's it's there and not only that a d-pad a d-pad not only is awesome and if so many of us wanted this in general but the reason why the default switch never had a d-pad was because both joi cons are supposed to be uniform so that when you switch them on their side and play in two-player games both of you are gaming on a level playing field you have the exact same joy Khan just you know switched on its side and if one person had a d-pad that could be an advantage or a disadvantage er it's just different but obviously removing the removable joy cons there's no reason to not throw a d-pad on this sucker and it has one and it looks sexy I got off topic there because I'm extremely excited but the point I was trying to make is I was a little underwhelming when it was finally announced because it is everything we expected and it is everything we guessed it would be we've even seen the thing without knowing it at some point as well as a bunch of other leaks and with all the smoke we assume there was a fire coming some point this year so it's kind of just in tendo coming out and confirming what we already knew maybe I shouldn't speak for everyone but in my specific case that that was the case I knew this thing was coming I pretty much knew this is what it was gonna look like the only thing that surprised me was the colors because I didn't know the colors oh and this gorgeous Pokemon themed one which is definitely going in my collection at some point I'm gonna have to get the normal one as well as this one because the Pokemon one releases in November but the actual systems released in September and I can't wait two months kind of my job to have this thing ASAP so I'm gonna end up with at least two mini switches I know that already and that that's that's stupid but it's gonna happen and I'm not trying to be one of those negative people that I called out the start of this video I'm not saying that underwhelming announcement wasn't anyway negative because what else couldn't intend oh do it's not their fault it's just for me personally I saw it and I was like finally okay let's go now again in this video I'm going to really quickly go through everything about this new switch so you have all the information you need without having to go anywhere else I'm gonna get to that so hang around but but first up I want to talk about the thing that's most important to me and it's something that they haven't confirmed yet but Doug Bowser has pretty much confirmed it and it's really exciting oh yeah when I said if you already have a switch this isn't the model for you but I think for some people the switch mini could be perfect even if you already have a switch normal reason being this portable lightweight version is obviously much more akin to taking out of the house whereas my switch model is my baby it cost me 300 bucks I don't want to get it damaged I don't really want to take it portable all that much and I don't I mean when I do I go to put it in a big honking freakin case so that it doesn't get damaged and then I'm you're lugging that thing around it's just a whole bowl but that's not a word but what would be really cool and a little bit extra is if my switch I have now could just kind of remain in the house maybe remain in its dock at all times and then my portable switch be just that my portable switch when I'm playing in bed or leaving the house now here's the thing for that to work efficiently in my opinion you would need to have some kind of cloud safe system in place so that if I'm playing breath of the wild on my TV switch and I want to pick up my portable switch I'm gonna want to continue on from my safe I'm not gonna want to start again and then throughout my entire switch library I don't want to have to try and remember which games I'm playing through on my mini and then which games I'm playing through on my normal because of save file is obviously being localized to the console and I talked about this and one of my many mini switch rumor videos but cloud saves seem like a very obvious thing it's something that endo has already dabbled in they've already implemented in a few of their games just for the switch so having it so all of your safe files get uploaded to the cloud as you play so as long as you're playing on your profile it doesn't matter what switch you're on it just remembers where you were at and again w...
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