David Dobrik Talks Dolan Twins, Kylie Jenner, and More | Memory Game

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    David Dobrik has a lot of famous friends (Liza Koshy, Charlie Puth, and the Dolan twins, just to name a few) and he's dishing on his favorite memories with them all! The YouTuber stopped by the J-14 studios to play our memories game and is telling never-before-heard stories about everyone from Kylie Jenner to Jason Nash.

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    hey guys it's david dobrik and today I play the memory game with J 14 oh no I'm kind of nervous you'll cut out the stuff where I talk poorly about him right yes speaking of talking poorly about people Tana no I'm cute Tam is the best she just got engaged I recently also went through an engagement it's not fun it's not worth it it's a lot of work to keep up with it and I really wish you the best tena always asked me for I don't know of 10 is actually engaged because I was with Tana a couple days ago and she was like hardcore hitting on me I'm a Chamberlain I must I was one of my favorites Emilie's she was the best um what her way I haven't filled with her in a little bit but she's like she has so much sorry I took a ginger shot before this and I'm doing I think it's hitting me now hey this is to feel better oh oh wow I remember I first met Emma it was it was like meeting someone on crack like she doesn't stop she's so easy to shoot with because she's always talking so she's always giving you something she's so fun she's she was she's one of the most fun experiences to film with am I supposed to be throwing in there Kylie Jenner Kylie okay this was this is a lot of fun I feel like I really like film with Kylie because that was like I don't know I maybe I haven't seen too many interviews of her but I felt like she was like really like she was it was with her friend Stas who they've been best friends with forever and it was like it was literally just hanging out with like two girlfriends they were so sweet I was I don't know why I'd say this literally every time I'm talking about Kylie but I was so surprised how like like easy was just talking to her and like connecting with her this this is one of my favorites as well I got the privilege of being on on the cover of j14 right here in the corner and for stassi's birthday Kylie and I both signed this and gave her one so there's a signed copy that starts now on Liza Koshi this is this is my if I if I could like name my all-time favorite collaborator this is a hundred percent the person that she was we haven't um in a while something she was I'm saying like she died she's genuinely the easiest person on planet earth to make anything with I still think she's the funniest person ever in my life I remember one day I got my wisdom teeth take it out and I needed a video to get done and I completely knocked out and she just took over my entire video I don't know why that meant so much to me but that was like the coolest thing because I woke up and it was completely done and I was like oh my god I can't believe I just did this or you did this so that was really cool jason nash pass no I'm kidding Jason is Jason's Jason's also out of my favorites Jason is like the male version of lies Oh a nice thing to say the lies huh but like I'm talking to you like look comedy-wise like he's so funny and he's so easy to shoot with this way like every time when we're talking a rambling we always find something to do one of my favorite memories with Jason we were on our way to Coachella and it was like a day before we had to go buy outfits cuz you had Coachella outfits and I had nothing and I was so worried because I was like I don't know what the film at Coachella it's gonna be horrible like there's nothing to film there's a music festival and and we're we're by the changing rooms and our friend Scott is changing and Jason goes under the dressing room with his camera and points it right at Scott and starts talking to him for like seven minutes not some minutes for like like 15 seconds and and then the door opens and it's not Scott it was just some random guy I was filming from the outside and we we left the store we all just ran out it was bad about that 100% is my favorite memory event Josh Peck oh my gosh well that this one's easy well my favorite memory is when I met him because that was like life-changing to me and then definitely my favorite memory is when he surprised me when didn't surprise me but he gave me my Kids Choice Award that was that was really really cool that's like I thought it was gonna be cool going to the kitchen or like I was gonna be awesome but then when it happened there was even cooler than I expected so that that was insane to me that's my favorite memory with Josh and also every time I see him I always think of my favorite like line from Drake and Josh is when there's like a delivery man that shows up to Drake Josh's house and Josh goes have a nice day and the delivery man goes don't tell me what to do yeah that was my favorite oh this is a little too soon for me Lorraine Nash she's my ex-wife now I didn't know this was gonna be in there I thought we told I thought we said we're gonna take this one out no I'll talk about her she is a no-good rotten no she's great Lorraine is Jason's mom I recently married her because Jason told me I'd never find love and I found love really quick I flew to Boston and I surprised her and I proposed to her my favorite memory is definitely going on our honeymoon together we went to Hawaii and I remember I was trying to convince her to skydive and I would she's I don't know she's she's pretty old I don't want to say her age because you should never say a woman's age 345 she's gonna watch this I'm gonna get a text no I remember trying to converse her go skydiving I was this close to convincing her and then Natalie stepped in because she wasn't listening he's like absolutely not Lorraine is not skydiving so um some dude and then I told Jason that she went skydiving and he lost his mind but that was a joke Charlie puth I love Charlie puth I put I bring up I've hung out with Charlie like like a handful of times but I bring him up like I've known him for my entire life I have a podcast and we talk about him every podcast I haven't seen him in like 3-4 weeks we've had four podcasts instead and he's the main topic every time I love the kid he's um he's so talented it's like I he's a literal superhero when he's singing it's like he has this thing called perfect pitch and I didn't like understand what it was and he can he could start playing any song if he listens to it for like 10 seconds it's really really scary and he's incredible he's such a nice guy and yeah he's just not around great person Jeff Witek my criminal friend kept whoo yes put this in here j14 putting in an inmate this is uh this is Jeff Witek he's um I love Jeff he's uh he's one of the good-looking guys in our friend group so every memory I have with him is great just thinking about him now makes me so happy yeah we just recently picked up his inmate friend from prison no this is j14 appropriate and since Jeff's been in prison right when we got to like prison grounds Jeff immediately went back to his prison self he started arguing with the guards which is really weird because because he he wasn't in jail so there was no point of arguing but like the guards wouldn't let us get a pass past a certain point and he was like why don't you literally just pass it hell is like Jeff stop we got to go back and you're gonna go back to jail that's my favorite memory with him is him arguing Dolan twins but the memory I had with him is probably one of the worst it's um I went to I went to their warehouse and they have this ramp and I dropped down it I don't skateboard and I dropped on it and I I hit my head and I think my brain just went like in my skull because I hit the ground so hard my mom called me up for that video was up just screaming at me you could have died you could have died but that was one of the most horrifying things don't don't try to be cool around these guys you don't worry I'll drop it on a skateboard kendall Jenner this was one of my favorite videos we shot it was um we surprised my friend Zane for his birthday and Kendall and all the girls they like basically we were at dinner with Zane and then they went to my house and they prepared like the entire house and make it look like a party scene and I was like I was like an hour and a half of work that they put into making like the house look amazing so that was awesome and Zane's reaction was great and the entire night was so so fun I don't remember any of it because I was running around just shooting the entire time but um yeah I know that was a lot of fun here we go the last one who can it be the worst for last ah John Stamos you have to say his name like that when you read it John strudels John's John's one of my favorites I don't know why but John seems to like me which is really awesome and it's like the best person to know at a party like well like he'll invite me to his like his like adult people parties and I'm just like a kid there and he'll introduced me to everyone he is so nice and the fact that I know John Stamos makes me feel so good because I'll be at a party in general dick come meet this guy very high I'm like John like will vouch for me and that's like that's the best thing I could possibly ask for and he's the nicest he's I could go on about John Stamos he's great and my mom oh my god my mom loves John Stamos it was the grossest thing watching her meet him they like it made me uncomfortable so what do you do it your husband's right there why are you what are you looking at him like that so John's not allowed near my mom anymore I must I was one of my favorites this this is one of my favorites as well favorite collaborator spaces also added i favorites rumor fear memories favorites
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